Mosquito bites are annoying, but the myths around their bites can sometimes be even more annoying. Whenever you have conversations about mosquito control in Sandston, you will surely hear some of the myths discussed in the article.

You Have ‘Sweet Blood’ If Mosquitoes Often Bite You

It is human tendency to project their likes and dislikes on other species. Resultingly, people believe mosquitoes are attracted to people who have ‘sweet blood’. There is no truth and evidence to this myth.

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While mosquitoes are not attracted to the taste or quality of your blood, there are certain things that make some people more likely to be bitten. Mosquitoes are attracted to the bacteria present on the surface of people’s skin. The odor emitted through these bacteria makes some people more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes.

Having Blood-Related Health Issues Or Eating Too Much Garlic Will Repel Mosquitoes

There is no medical history proving the claim that mosquitoes stay away from people who have blood-related health issues. Had that been the case, a few viral diseases would not have been spread through these pests.

People Cannot Develop Mosquito Immunity

Believe it or not, some people have developed immunity to mosquito bites. This immunity doesn’t mean that mosquitoes are naturally repelled from you. This means that with enough bites, your body stops recognizing mosquito saliva as a foreign body and stops reacting to it. Therefore, you will not form itchy and welting red spots on your skin.

Scratching The Wilt Helps

Even though scratching a mosquito bite welt might provide temporary relief, it only complicated things. When you scratch the bitten area, you are only spreading the mosquito’s saliva to other places, making your body release more histamines.

It is best not to believe everything you hear, even if the information has gone down generations. Some scientific study and understanding will help you tackle mosquito bites easier.