When we hear the word patio, many of us picture the picnic table with the umbrella and some plastic chairs.  Well, this may have been how people use their patios in the past, but today, many people are taking advantage of new and improved ideas and when we went to look at patios near Richmond Hill, GA, we saw some great ideas that you can use for your next patio creation.

Railing gardens

One cool thing that people are doing is they are creating railing gardens to add a splash of color and life to their outdoor environments.  With a garden on your railing you can grow some of your own fruits and vegetables that you enjoy.  Since it is a small space people are opting for spices, herbs and even flowers.  These not only attract insects like butterflies, but they also allow you to add aroma and color to your otherwise drab patio.

Lighting accents

You will want to really take advantage of lighting on your patio.  To begin with, most people typically have a spotlight right outside their sliding door form the house to the patio.  This is a harsh light that typically attracts a lot of moth and other insects.  What you can do is use LED lights and other lighting options to bring life to your patio.

You will want to have lights going down the steps, around the edges of your deck and even along walkways.  With the power of LED’s you can even have colored lights that change and even programmable lights will come on at a specific time and even change color when you approach it.


patios near Richmond Hill, GA

You will also want to make sure that you stain your deck.  This will give a protective coating to your wood that will make sure it lasts for years to come.