Tooth decay is one of the biggest reasons people need tooth extractions. Tooth decay is easily preventable and takes little effort. If you love your smile and want to prevent a dental extraction in Fort Payne, the following tips are some that should be part of your daily life. These tips reduce the risks of tooth decay and potential extraction.

·    Brush your teeth twice each day. Brush using a circular motion two times each day. Brush once when you get up for two minutes and again before bedtime for another two minutes. Don’t forget to floss.

·    You are what you eat. Food affects the way that you feel, energy levels, and even your tooth health. Keep your smile beautiful by closely monitoring the foods that you eat, eliminating a lot of the junk food.

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·    Visit the dentist regularly. At least two visits per year can prevent a lot of dental problems and ensure you have a bright smile for a lifetime. Adhere to the recommendations from the American Dental Association and schedule those appointments for everyone in the family.

·    Limit sweet drinks and acidic foods. This includes coffee and colas as well as fruit juices which can erode the teeth.

·    If you smoke, stop. There are so many harmful effects of smoking, including discoloring your teeth, wearing down enamel, and other risks.

There are so many easy ways to keep your teeth healthy. The list above just begins to list those ways. Make sure you take all strides to keep your teeth strong and healthy. You don’t get a second chance to make a great smile. Once your teeth are gone, they are gone. Do not live in that horror and take care of your teeth the right way.